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Golden Retrievers have been a part of our life since 1989.  They have been our family dogs as we navigated through child-rearing.  In 2011, our last family dog Ginger died at age 11 due to mammary gland cancer.  Our children had become adults, we had five grandchildren and my husband wanted to pursue the hobby of competing in dog shows.  We purchased our first “show dog” Gigi and she has done well in conformation dog shows attaining the title of Champion.  She is one point away from Grand Champion.  I have begun training in obedience and Gigi and I have gotten a CD or Companion Dog Title.  We are currently training to compete in the open class in obedience.

In 2012, we added Gus to our dog family and he has proven to be an outstanding show dog.  He is a Grand Champion which he achieved in short order.  He is now training in Texas with Paul Kartes of Lakota Retrievers.  He will be competing shortly in hunt tests.

Recently, we acquired another female golden retriever named Maggie Moo.  She is eight months old and fitting in the group nicely.

Golden Retrievers are primarily a hunting dog, but a are a great family and companion dog capable of competing in conformation, field and obedience.  They must be exercised and given attention on a regular basis.

Gigi, Gus and Maggie are enrolled in the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  We think its important to help in this way because 68% of Goldens  get some form of cancer in their lifetime.